The short answer is “It depends.”wp8c1185d5_06

Over the past decade the advances in Digital Printing technology have been tremendous, but that doesn’t mean that Digital is the right answer for all projects. 

Over the past five years we have seen many clients requesting smaller quantities for many projects, but at the same time they are requesting more versions. This is a situation where Digital Printing is a perfect fit. Sometimes, this even results in a project being personalized so that every single piece has the intended recipient’s name on it or even sequentially numbered.  

Offset Printing is still an important method for producing printed projects. Sometimes the quantity dictates that a project should be printed using offset equipment. It is common for projects of a quantity of 5,000 or more to be printed “offset”. However, a ticket project we printed recently of 50,000 tickets was done using a“digital press”.  

My point is that the quantity of a project is only one part of the specs that determine which method is the best for printing a certain project. Other important factors that we take into account are the thickness of the paper requested, the size of the piece as well as the finishing required for the project after it is printed. On Demand Imaging has taken the time to outline even more pro’s and con’s of Digital vs. Offset printing on their website.

Fortunately, at Berea Printing Company, we do Digital Printing as well as Offset Printing. In addition, we also utilize Letterpress Printing and Inkjet printing methods. Our experience helps us serve you the best way possible with the “right” type of printing. To get a free quote, send us an email at or give us a call at (440) 243-1080.

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