If you own a website domain, you probably have received email notices (or fax notices) stating your domain is expiring and that you need to renew. Check the source carefully, and verify that you, in fact, own the domain and who is sending you the notice. If it’s not from the company you are registered with, ignore it and discard the notice.

Domain registry companies can search out your information if you don’t have a private registry on your domain. There is much you can do to prevent them from soliciting you, but their notices can be deceiving. With the information they have on you and your domain, they may have you convinced that you need to pay to retain a domain you already own.


A customer of mine called me and said their email box is full. I requested they forward me the email message so I could review it. The email stated: “your mailbox is full”. Be really careful with these. There are companies (or individuals) who may be trying to acquire your login information, credit card numbers to fix problems you don’t have. Some of these links may also contain some very nasty malware or viruses. Check where the email is coming from. If you receive a notice from a service provider who is not managing or affiliated with your hosting or web services company, disregard them. However, it does make sense to log into your web mail account to verify – do not log in through a link emailed to you.

Take Control:

Be sure you know who your domain is registered with. Check to see that you have the log in information to verify what you own and the bills associated with it.

Godaddy, for example, is an excellent company to work with! However, after you purchase a domain or hosting from them, look carefully at all the options or add-ons they suggest. Before you hit the shopping cart, it’s not uncommon to be barraged with several services that look convincing enough to buy. Now please note that some of these options may be right for your website or business goals. It’s a good idea to carefully review these options and the costs associated with them. If you don’t know what to buy, we can help you with that.

It’s always a good idea to log in to your domain registry or hosting account from time to time and check to be sure all the services you signed up for are accounted for. Charges for services you don’t use will add up over time.


Any special promotions can be a bad thing if not accounted for. You may be offered a “special promo” that sounds good, but beware; some of these special promos may be free for a limited time only and require you to take action and opt out if you don’t want to be continuously billed.

If you are not sure what you have or what you are paying for, we offer consultation services for free that may help you save money. We can help you take control of the products you are paying for. We offer affordable website solutions for your products and services.