Stapling: a short piece of wire bent to bind together papers, sections of a book, or driving the ends through the sheets and clinching them on the other side. Saddle Stitch binding require two staples in the middle of a book to keep the pages secure.

Folding: part of our finishing process in which the pages of a book, brochure or program are folded after printing.

Perforating: Taking place on a press or a binder machine, creating a line of small dotted holes for the purpose of tearing-off a part of a printed matter (usually straight lines, vertical or horizontal). 

Drilling: to drill a hole in a printed matter, usually to fit into a ring binder.

Die Cutting: to cut irregular shapes in paper using a die.

Embossing: to press an image into paper so it lies above the surface.

Numbering: to add a sequential number to each piece, used for tickets, coupons, gift certificates etc.

Mail Merge Data: adding a personalized message to mail pieces using a customers name, birthday etc.