It is easy to overlook the simple things when it comes to your business.  With more and more focus and effort being put into online marketing and digital media, sometimes your business signage goes to the wayside.  Don’t worry, we are here to help ensure that it doesn’t happen to you and your small business.  We get it, you’re busy.  But don’t be too busy to forget about your store signage.  Signs play a pivotal role in your brand and draw attention to your storefront.  According to some researchers, there is nothing more important than your store signage. lists the following statistics (collected by a survey from FedEx and research from The University of Cincinnati) regarding the importance of signage:

  • 8 in 10, or around 76%, of all consumers surveyed reported having chosen to enter one store or business they had never heard of or visited based solely on their signage.
  • Consumers and businesses alike reported the most important aspect of a good sign to be how easy it was to read.
  • Around 67% of the consumers in the survey reportedly made a purchase of either a product or service simply due to having their eye caught by an attractive sign.
  • Just about 75% of consumers in the survey gave a referral to a friend based only on the business’s signage.
  • Of large companies with multiple locations, 38% of consumers surveyed found branding and image to be the most important part of signage due to being easy to recognize. However, for smaller establishments with only one location, signs were seen as important to help the business stand out.
  • More than half of those surveyed found poor signage, such as low quality or misspellings, was a deterrent from entering an establishment.
  • Around 60% of consumers surveyed found a lack of signage to be a deterrent from entering the establishment.
  • Of those same consumers, about 68% felt a business’s signage was also a reflection of the quality of products and services offered by the business.
  • Around 60% of businesses in the surveys found changing up the design of their signs had an impact. They also found increasing visibility had a positive impact on sales.

All of this information is well and good, but how does one go about making a sign to prove the accuracy of these stats?  What makes someone stray from their plans and stop into your place of business due to the power of your storefront signage?  One can find many tips and tricks to help improve your signage but there are three factors amongst these tips that stand out from the rest.  That is, color, size, and location.

Color:  If you are questioning the importance of color in regards to signage, see our blog about color psychology.  It matters when it comes to creating an attention grabbing sign.  Think about McDonalds vibrant yellow and you will question color importance no more. When picking your colors, it is crucial that you do your research when it comes to your sign and your intended target audience.  It is also suggested that you follow the 60, 30, 10, rule.  This rule being that you pick three colors and use them in the ratio of 60%, 30%, and 10%.  Outdoor Advertising Association of America recommends the following coloring combinations for success.

  1. Black and yellow – this combination can be yellow print on a black background or vice versa.
  2. Black and white
  3. White and blue
  4. Green and white

Size: Insert the famed size matters cliche here…  When it comes to signage, it does.  The proper size of the sign depends on location and background.  If a sign is too large, it can be eaten up by its surroundings.  If it is too small, it may go unnoticed.  “The text size should be complementary to the sign’s size. The optimal readability will be ten times the size of the text. If your text is three inches, it is read well from thirty inches away. If the text is six inches high it is read best at sixty inches away. Think about how far your sign will be from people and adjust your size accordingly.” ( 

Location: The location and intention of the sign dictates its design.  When you place a sign for your business somewhere, whether that be on your storefront or across the street, that is where you are placing your brand.  Think of each person that looks at your sign as a potential customer or client.  In essence, they are getting to know a slight piece of you every time they glance at your sign.  Most people tend to shop where they live.  That being said, it is important that you let your customers know you exist. So, put a sign up somewhere, anywhere!

Starbucks, McDonalds, Apple, FedEx, Mercedes, Pepsi, Nike, Coca-Cola, Chanel, and Disney.  These are the ten most iconic logos of all time.  All ten of these companies have mastered the art of branding and worked very hard to ensure that their signage never goes unnoticed. By paying attention to the importance of color, size, and location in your company’s signage, you may just as well follow in their footsteps.