Its a bird, its a plane, its… Alright, cut it out.  Its yet another cliche superhero introduction.  Fighting crime is one thing, its easy to spot the difference between right and wrong.  Changing costumes in the dead of night and sitting atop an iron perch in a dark alley awaiting to thwart a mugging is all too easy.  My name is Mr. Plight Gordian, but you can call me MPG.  While I do not halt misdeeds at midnight, I do solve some of the most common problems in marketing, digital and print media today.  I lurk in the shadows of the cubicle’d office, hide behind water coolers and overshadow printing presses awaiting occurrences that expend excess time and money so that they may be avoided. 

I grew up in a small town called Bight Hamlet.  There, everything was done in excess.  Paper was wasted by the ton, ink spotted and tossed away as trash.  Coinage was spent in abundance, all more than was needed to get seemingly simple tasks done.  No family member passed due to violence when I was a child, yet, I still felt the calling.  The same can’t be said for Batman or Spiderman, right? 

In response to viewing office print issues, I spent my youth creeping through local shops on the hunt for inefficiencies.  Honing my skills at the University proved successful as I prepared myself for the work force during the time of a recession.  At that time it was more crucial than ever to trim costs and save precious resources.  After my studies, I took a job at a local print company that was on the verge of a merger, one that would see other local print shops form into a larger company, taking with it the values of being local, while also gaining the benefits of a larger corporate structure.  After years in the print and marketing business, I have seen it all.  The local church stressing over their weekly bulletins, the secretary struggling with using large printing equipment, the businessman yearning to launch his brand but being befuddled by missteps, and I have been there at every turn.  In each case, business casual dress goes out the window as I don my cape and come to the rescue.  Now, I use the inter web to post my stories of print success at the end of each month.  I urge you to tune in on the last Tuesday of every month to read of my adventures, issues and escapades in the every day world at Master Printing Group.  Until then, you may find me skulking the dark shadows of the office, waiting to solve your next problem…. chances are, I’ll probably be in the break room.