Having already warned our readers of the summer seasons end, we have decided to forgo all the doom and gloom and bring some light back into your life.  Yes, it is getting darker out earlier, we know, but these fall marketing ideas may bring some energy back to your shop.  This time of year, you may begin to notice that your sales are trailing off.  With the kiddos back in school, parents don’t seem to be coming around as often.  Isn’t that ironic?  Well, that’s because they no longer have a reason to escape their daytime jobs, blaming their “sick” children on their rash of summertime call-offs.  For all of you that may have become affected by this, we have searched the web high and low for some Fall strategies that you can line your pocket with.

These first five marketing ideas are from squareup.com.  For a full list of their 20 strategies, check out their website at: https://squareup.com/us/en/townsquare/20-fall-marketing-ideas-that-get-noticed

  1. Hit the festival circuit: Chances are that organizations in your area host a fall fair or Oktoberfest, so find out how to set up a booth or get involved in sponsoring the event.

  1. Lend your space: Reach out to a favorite local charity, like an animal shelter, and offer them your shop for a fundraising event. (Awesome Idea)

  1. Hold a “can-do” event: Email customers offering them a discount when they bring in canned and other nonperishable food items to donate to a local food pantry. (Great for Thanksgiving shelter/food drives)

  1. Put your name on it: Ditch the paper or plastic bags (at least temporarily) in favor of reusable shopping bags featuring your business’s name. You could also encourage customers to carry it by offering a discount when they bring it into the store. (Nice and “green” idea!)

  1. Sponsor a team: Support young athletes in a way that fits with your business. For example, if you sell women’s clothing, maybe partner with a girls’ soccer team. Or if you run a restaurant, make your establishment the official pre-game coffee spot for parents or post-game hangout for players. (Plenty of local sports teams in the Fall that could use a sponsorship)

While the above list may seem geared more towards storefront businesses, this next list can work for a store, as well as an office-based business.  For a full list, check out this webiste: https://www.cactusmailing.com/13-fall-marketing-ideas-for-small-businesses/.  Our personal favorites from this collection are listed below:

  • Transform your office to match the new season. Thematic decorating – in this case for Halloween, Thanksgiving or simply with pumpkins, apples, colorful leaves or footballs – is the easiest way to show people your business is in the spirit of the season.
  • Outfit your employees in fall apparel such as caps, long-sleeve T’s or fleece vests bearing your logo. You could even sell the apparel if your business has a loyal following. Give away some items as part of your fall marketing promotions, and you’ll turn people into walking advertisements for your business.
  • If you’re a dentist, focus on the “sweets season” from Halloween through New Year’s. Give away mouth-care goodie bags to new patients, or offer specials on cosmetic procedures such as whitening, so patients can look their best for the party season.
  • Solicit the “gift” of referrals from your existing customers or clients or patients. Or create a “bring/refer a friend and you’ll both get a discount” campaign. This works well for every type of business, whether you have a brick-and-mortar location or a home services business. Don’t forget to thank everyone who responds.
  • Start a postcard marketing campaign, if you aren’t already using this valuable tool to promote your business. With the holidays rapidly approaching, you’ll be able to increase your name recognition and get a head start on holiday sales.

Here are some other holiday(ish) dates during the fall season that you may be able to take advantage of:

Grandparents Day (Sunday, Sept 13th), Columbus Day (Oct 12th), Boss’s Day (Oct 16th), Daylight Savings (Nov 1st), Veterans Day (Nov 11th), First Day of Fall (Sept 23rd), You’re Welcome Day (Nov 27th), and Small Business Saturday (Nov 29th). Use these days to your advantage.  Create a catchy slogan and promote a specific item- Entice your customers to come on in!

Fall can be seen as a transitional time for your business.  Use this as an opportunity to drive your sales prior to the full-on holiday season.  Believe it or not, there are people that love the changing of the seasons, even if you don’t have great colored shrubbery around your city.  Utilize some of the ideas above and see where they get you.  You may be pleasantly surprised!