Add A Touch of WOW!

High-quality specialty finishes will make your next project stand out from the rest! Finding the right specialty technique can make all the difference. At MPG we have the knowledge and experience to make your piece a huge success. Final touches like metallic foil, embossing, die cutting and thermography are just a few of the specialties we offer that can turn your next project into a masterpiece.

Die Cut

The real benefit of using a die cut is to get a potential customer to do a double-take, take a closer look, and check out what you have to offer. We can create any cool shape or size to fit your story. Rectangle, square, rounded edges or even a feature image or icon.

Foil Stamping

The bright metallic or rich burnished appearance of foil creates an eye-catching effect that grabs attention and makes a bold statement. Using a special heat method, foil stamping can really highlights your logo, text and company message. Gold, silver, bronze, green, blue, red…. There is a rainbow of creative options waiting for you.

Metallic Ink

Metallic inks are available in a wide range of shades and exhibit a brilliant finish. The metallic ink dances on the eye and makes your product much more noticeable.

Spot UV

Spot UV instantly brings words and images to life and gives people a positive feel for your printed product the minute they see and touch it. The use of world class printing quality makes them a step up from the gloss laminated printing process. Normally where the whole card would be covered, just the texts or images are gloss coated. This pairing of textures really makes the spot UV process pop. Possessing an almost shadow-like appearance, the spot UV dazzles the eye to create a lasting impression. Choose spot UV if you really want to be seen and remembered.


Embossing is a process that presses letters and designs into paper for an elegant, understated, yet distinctive impression. Embossed letterheads, business cards or invitations provide a classic, and classy, look. When you need to stand out in the digital world, choose embossing on our highest quality paper as the way to go. Embossing has been the choice of discerning customers looking for the very best for their print communications. Let our team work with you to combine thermography with effects like foil stamping and die cutting for a truly unique piece.


Thermography produces an engraved look but at a lower cost. It adds a touch of elegance with a raised image, perfect for business cards, greeting cards, wedding invitations, letterheads and more. During thermography printing, special ink is combined with powder and put through an oven. The heat melts the powder and raises the image from the paper.