The lowly envelope. Most people don’t give envelopes much thought. Let’s face it, they usually end up in the recycle bin anyway. Right? 

The truth is, the envelope is like wp7b552b41_06wrapping paper on a Birthday gift. If planned properly, the envelope prepares the recipient for what’s inside. Incongruity between an envelope and its contents creates a subliminal mismatch, which reduces the trust the recipient has for the sender. If you’re using Direct Mail to send Marketing Messages, your primary concern should be to build trust with the recipient so that they feel comfortable with the idea of doing business with you.

With Marketing Message envelopes, there are two main approaches to use. The ‘Sneak Up Approach’ utilizes an envelope that doesn’t really give much clue as to what’s inside and who it is from. This may include a return address with no business name. The envelope could also be made from a particular paper so that it has a certain look. For example, a window envelope can be used with something inside that looks like a Check. That is very effective at getting an envelope opened. Sometimes, it is even made to look like it could be from an ‘official’ government agency. 

The second approach is the ‘In Your Face Approach’. This style leaves no doubt what’s inside and usually contains teaser copy printed in bold letters on the envelope. This could be as simple as “Invoice Enclosed” or more involved like “Open Now to claim your Special Gift”. Now, both of these copy examples are effective at getting the envelope opened, but the second example creates a bit of mystery.

If you choose to use Teaser Copy on your envelopes, you must deliver on what the Teaser Copy says. So if you say “Invoice Enclosed”, there better be an invoice in the envelope. Otherwise, you will lose some credibility with the recipient. 

So, treat the lowly envelope with the respect it deserves. If it didn’t do its job, then what’s inside never get’s seen. For more information on envelope regulations, you can head over to the website of the United States Postal Service.

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